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Why choose clever design for your project?

What do we do?

  • We love to design
  • Our passion is pursuing excellence and challenging conventional
  • We oppose mediocrity to deliver creative, dynamic and pragmatic sustainable building design solutions
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Why are we different?

  • 100% buildable designs is our core philosophy
  • Our methodologies are designing in a holistic 3D BIM environment
  • Our designs evolve from “prioritising the place” and analysis of site specific micro-climatic conditions
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Why contact us?

  • Proven track record is evidenced with innovative outcomes
  • Personable and highly consultative services that surpass client expectations
  • Extensive experience and expertise in three facets: sustainable design, building and training
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contemporary, inspirational, dynamic

How do you know?

The clients tell us... even though the Clever Design brand is recognised Australia wide as a multi-national award winning progressive practice, this is what clients have to say:

  • "From the outset we were struck by Mike’s passion and enthusiasm for turning our dream into reality"

    Michelle Williams & Tom Krasnicki, Q-Two House

  • "Overall I love the design and the innovative features just blow everyone away. It has great aesthetics and I couldn’t be happier – it is where I want to be"

    Bruce Faulkner, Out There

  • "We quickly developed a rapport with Mike based on his practical building experience, enthusiasm, and assurances that he would push the limits with our design."

    Michael & Sam Lyndon, Registered Builder, SA & TAS, Batman House

  • "We love the way our house sits in the hill, the curve of the roof, the feeling of space and of living in the trees. We feel an integral part of our beautiful surroundings."

    Anne Spiteri & Robert Hogan, Rumney Rest.

  • "It was apparent that Mike was passionate about contemporary home design and energy efficiency and WOW our brief was certainly satisfied."

    Andrew & Gail, Sanctuary Cove


clever design Portfolio

These award winning projects demonstrate how environmental sustainability is seamlessly integrated into “daring and inventive” design outcomes.


chilled form


batman house


out there


7a urban footprint


clever eco series

clever Eco Series

Q-Two house




rumney rest


leonardoz restaurant


bayside bows


quarry house one


bluestone haven


eco castle


sanctuary cove


clever house


clever design Awards

Clever Design is proud to be the recipient of 83 design awards of excellence at State and National levels. Of particular significance is the Australian HIA-CSR Home of the Year (Rumney Rest), National Building Design Award (Chilled Form), Victorian Design of the Year (Out There), National Award of Excellence (Leonardoz Restaurant) and National Environmentally Sustainable & Energy Efficient Award for Eco Castle which came at a time when sustainability started to gain global momentum.

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Book - Sustainable Clever Design

Cutting edge sustainable and contemporary designs by multi-award-winning founder and principal, Mike Cleaver of Clever Design are featured in this hard cover book.

The portfolio of 17 projects provides an exclusive insight into the design methodologies of the award winning projects featuring videos, 3D renders, plans and stunning photography.

An awe-inspiring book that will interest those with a passion for innovative, contemporary and sustainable architecture.

Price = $59.95 + $15 freight to an Australian Address

for overseas or bulk purchases please contact us

Video - clever design

clever design Media

Featuring a selection of Clever Design articles in various media.



‘Chilled Form’ - award winning innovative, sustainable design


Official Magazine of Building Designers

featuring Award Winning ‘Rumney Rest’ Home 2013

Mike Cleaver

Professional in Profile

featuring award winning Clever Design methodologies

Winning Design

‘Out There’ BDAV Building Design of the Year

Angular Abode

National Award Winning Q-Two House

Tasmanian Treasure

Clever Design, 7a Urban Footprint National Award Winning Home

Dance Church Maui - [Clever Alias] and Bananaman

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