17 January 2017 /

I’m often asked what I’d consider to be key design points to obtain an innovative, sustainable design resolve.

Well, actually my number one key point is Site Orientation and an extensive Site Analysis.
A sustainable design is responsive to its location, climate zone, topography and importantly its micro climate zone which will vary with every site.

So, if you are looking for a new site in Tasmania then you have a major benefit compared to other States of Australia.
That is, keep searching until you find a site that has unobstructed northern/north-eastern vista without any over-shadowing.
Yes, Tasmanians are spoilt with lots of options so it is important not to underestimate the importance of this fundamental key consideration.

In 2017 four Clever Eco Series homes, will be built, all with varied family requirements, locations and specific design criteria, however all have the number one key point – Orientation with free solar gain access with internal Thermal Mass Storage for the cool temperate climate zone.

In fact, client number one searched in his ‘backyard’ for 3-4 years prior to purchasing the ‘perfect site’ which had an existing old 1950’s weatherboard home.
We relocated this existing dwelling to a new site and our number one Clever Eco Series is now well underway and will be an exemplar open display home later in 2017.

Keep posted for the next key point…

A simple analogy I often use is “If you had to live in a cave for a week in Tasmania’s winter, would you choose a South or North facing cave?”

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