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08 May 2017 /


In relation to our innovative design resolutions, I’m often asked “How do you do it?” by a broad range of industry colleagues and clients.

Well… it’s a holistic approach which involves drawing on our skills, knowledge and effective communication and often turning restraints into positive, creative outcomes.

The ability to thoroughly comprehend the structural build process and the commencement of each design is invaluable to enable us to push boundaries of conventional builds.

These attributes have been clearly recognised with a number of builders over a long period commissioning Clever Design to design their own personal projects, which allows us to extend their skills with some challenging design builds.

So, what’s the key?

“Trust” is the number one key.
When clients hand over the reins to ‘trust’ our design expertise it allows our creative processes to evolve and provide pragmatic unique designs that are 100% buildable.
A couple of my favourite projects designed for builders’ own homes are “Bayside Bows” and the “Batman House”.

Check out the Batman House video from the builder’s perspective.

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