01 July 2016 /

Vivid memories of the 1st site visit mid-winter on an overcast day. Design brief in hand as well as the “not so great” Soil Test report.

My 1st reference stakes defined Magnetic North and when the clouds broke open there it was, sun reflecting on the distant landmark, Batman Bridge.

This became the design trigger and the 2nd alignment of reference stakes position.

The design strings the main living volume off the large inclined structural steel columns with Ronstan tension stainless steel rods which allows the cantilevered form to effortlessly project towards the bridge and defies the aesthetic using the heavy thermal mass concrete floor for free passive solar gain.

07 May 2016 /

2016 is set for a bumper of a year with multiple Clever Eco Series projects being built for a diverse spectrum of clients & their briefs.

New one-off Clever Designs situated on challenging sites with unique resolves plus some designs for Builder's Own homes that push well beyond the quotidian will also come to fruition in 2016.

07 May 2016 /

The cantilevered pool is finally filled and this slender winged house is about to launch!

Our extensive site analysis over this elevated large acreage identified the need to be located with the natural buffering of the prevailing winds and then the exact site was triggered by the alignment and axis of the home with a prominent distant island and the clients wish for a swimming pool.

This breathtaking vista is optimised with minimalist form and the abundance of natural light via Viridian’s superior double glazing set in Architectural Window Systems (AWS) high performance windows and sliding doors.